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Rajan Chakravarthy & Associates

RCA Initiatives

The firm has taken several initiates in view of the ever-changing legal and business environment. Improving the efficiency and efficacy of the personnel is of paramount importance. Our commitment to society has encouraged us to develop these. All RCAians jointly drive the initiates from the front.

In-house training

‘Knowledge is power’. In India, the legal and regulatory environments are rapidly changing. This initiative of RCA is helping all the RCAians to cope with the knowledge updation challenge. It ensures that all the RCAians are well equipped with updated knowledge for their performance and for a better, competitive client service. Trainings are conducted every week @ RCA office. Student seminars are encouraged.

Paperless office

‘Preserve our trees’. It is a green initiative with a commitment to the environment by way of preserving the trees. RCA is striving to move into an electronic environment and discouraging taking printouts to the extent possible which has helped us to be clean, productive, efficient and get an expert hand on digital technology making our office an e-office. We are also in the process of establishing a resourceful E-library accessible to all RCAians.

Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Society needs our time, not money’. With a commitment to the society by way of providing social services, RCAians are showing the social commitment by participating in many social activities. Our partner Mr. P T Govindarajan is a trustee in Cancer Alleviation Foundation, a trust which is providing free medical services for the poor and needy cancer patients. He is also a trustee in Rotary Charitable Trust which is currently with a mission to construct a school building for poor and needy children for their education.


It is a virtual tool adopted by RCA. It works through an App that inter-connects the partners/ manager and the articled assistants. It is used to record attendance, bouquet of work allotted to each assistant, progress at the end of each day, client billing and many other admin functions of the CA office. It is unquestionably the need of the hour. It is a one-stop solution which works as a Practice Management Software and as an unique tool for our Office Management. Time is a precious commodity in today’s fast paced life. ERPCA help monitor and complete works in a defined time frame and helps efficiently manage our articled assistants, employees and clients.

Virtual Meetings & Virtual Trainings

The firm has been quick to adopt new technologies that save time, costs and efforts, making the firm operate more efficiently, while also keeping peoples’ safety in mind.

In mid-2019, we had invested in cloud-computing, mainly in order to safeguard clients’ data which was earlier being stored merely in the server and backed-up periodically. The cloud-based data had also provided us with remote accessibility as a perk, whose true value was realized only when Covid 19 struck the world like a bolt from the blue in March 2020. When the complete lock-down was announced, while many offices were dumbfounded, not knowing how to work without physically going to the office, we were able to move to the new norm of Work-From-Home [WFH] seamlessly, with no sweat as all at RCA could log into iDrive and get into the RCA server to access data. The WFH norm has continued in RCA smoothly ever since, with improved efficiency and the much-needed safety of the home.  

Having adopted the WFH culture, all our client meetings went virtual. We also introduced the student seminars and student training to the virtual model, using platforms like Google-Meet where all could participate, present PPT slides, clarify issues and do everything as efficiently as in personal mode. Students training in the virtual mode has made it much more efficient, fruitful and rewarding.

Digital Transformation & Covid 19 survival- Cloud Server

Under the new WFH norm, Client discussions, the conduct of statutory audits/ tax audits/ GST audits/ TP audits etc. including sign-off meetings with clients with the presentation of financials, tax computations, and our PAR (performance analysis report) using Bar and Pie charts (designed by RCA and presented annually at the sign-off meeting, appreciated greatly by all clients invariably as being very useful in understanding how they have done) could all be conducted virtually during the fateful 2020. RCA did not compromise on any professional parameter, even minutely by moving to the WFH model as we had achieved digital transformation even earlier. We have completed all audits, returns filings and legal compliances of clients well before time, all in the WFH model. Our clients, too, appreciate that they could provide all details remotely and complete their assignments efficiently. The cloud server has undoubtedly helped not only just in our Covid-19 survival but also our rejuvenation and metamorphosis as a firm fully operating in the virtual space.

We are in the process of adopting more such remote work platforms to improve work efficiency and accuracy.

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